Save up to 50% of Software development costs.

Outsourcing in Slovakia can save you up to 50% of your costs. With zero risk.

If you are running a software developer team,
your problems are quite common:


Development costs

Running your own developer team may be expensive.


Endless hiring

Hiring those geeks may be annoying. And endless.


Managing fails

Managing an internal team may be underestimated or expensive. Nothing in between.


Reliability problems

Your development team may be burned out or simply lazy. 


Expansion limits

Now and again you need more people to finish the project, but to hire them means long-term liabilities. 


Technology resistance

Software developers are the most  conservative people in the industry.

You can hide from it,
but you can't run away from reality.

Your costs will grow, and it doesn't matter if it's in the form of wages or losses from projects not completed on time. Until you start to...

...think about outsourcing some development tasks in a country with lower living costs.

Like Slovakia.

EU based country

means similar culture and enforceable law.

Export-oriented economy

with related regulations and rules

German foreign trade

with Slovakia is larger than with Brazil, India or Canada

German companies employ

in the Slovakia over 130,000 employees

Labor productivity

in Slovakia is the highest in Central and Eastern Europe

Multilingual people

Slovaks are a multilingual nation: 86% have learned English and 61% German

Member of the Eurozone​

Means easier cost estimating and cost managing.

You can save up to 50% of your software development costs by outsourcing it in Slovakia.

DGT factory is focused on international software development outsourcing.


Anti-corruption layer of the new banking system for the largest commercial bank in Slovakia


Backend system for i-banking and payment applications for banks of eight countries


Adding a custom functionality module to a new cloud-based boxed banking ecosystem


Communication module between the regulator and the energy company managing capacities

We can offer you 3 ways of cooperation


Technology consulting

This service is for you if you are going to rebuild or create a new project and want to use today’s technologies and best practices. Also, if you are comparing two or more technologies and want to have an objective view. Our specialist will work with you and your development team to analyze the current technology state and later will design the best-for-you solution.


Project ousourcing

This is an end-to-end solution. From business and IT analysis, design, and architecture, through developing, project managing, automated and manual application testing, penetration, and performance tests to production-grade operation. And further by supporting and servicing the project, if you are interested.


Development team ousourcing

The development team consists of an analyst, project manager/team leader, developers, and one or more testers. The whole team is ready to work in waterfall, agile, or in your specific environment, and cooperate with other members of your development and/or business team. We are proud of our smart people, so be prepared to get sometimes recommendations and propositions concerning their tasks.  

Interested at least a little?

Hit me by email / call or ping me at Linkedin, so we can create something new together.

Peter Agustinič

CEO at DGT factory


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