Case Study

Backend system for i-banking and payment applications for banks of eight countries

In cooperation with our client RPC, we are working on a set of backend modules that ensure the integration of card operations for the payment systems of banks from the Raiffeisen Bank International group. (RBI) Thanks to these modules, bank clients can use services such as ApplePay, RaiPay, or make payments through e-shop payment gateways and reservation systems.
The area of banking is constantly evolving. Our client takes pride in their status as a leader in the field of technological innovation, which is why accuracy, reliability, speed, and the ability to innovate are also necessary while cooperating with them.
We are pleased that the customer trusts our team. That is proven by increasingly open cooperation and increasingly complex and extensive tasks, where we participate in highly specialized topics such as communication encryption.

RPC/Regional Card Processing Center, member of the Raiffeisen Bank International group

Backend system for internet banking and payment applications

Gateways for communication with the bank
Core Domain services
Facades for communication with third parties

Technologies used:
Java 11, Spring Boot, Reactive Programming, JIRA, Git, Swagger, Open API, JUnit Testing, Oracle, Confluence

Related positions:
Java developer, Database developer, Tester

15+ months

project duration (ongoing)

4 team members

from DGT factory


of the developer team was from DGT factory

30+ services

in cooperation with the client’s team
Project activities:
Java development
Database development


RPC is a card payment provider and provider of innovative payment services for banks from the Raiffeisen Bank International group. In addition to the parent bank, which RPC has separated from as an independent company, it currently serves the banks in eight other countries in Central and Eastern Europe.


The banking sector has been facing new challenges in the area of cashless and card payments. Because of this, it is crucial to constantly respond to them, introduce new contactless technologies, and update and extend connections with native payment apps on mobile phones and wearables.

In this competitive environment, the ability to quickly develop new microservices, functionalities, and connections while maintaining complete reliability and an error rate of zero is essential. After all, it’s all about money.

The banks from the RBI group are and want to remain technological leaders in this area, which is why they have to react promptly to all new opportunities.


Due to the ability to quickly and reliably develop new backend services, RPC hired the DGT factory development team to help them. The cooperation began at the database level and later expanded to include Java developers and testers.

Today, our team’s level of integration is more advanced. We participate in analytical decisions, directly communicate with the group’s foreign banks, and cooperate on designing the architecture of individual services.


From this cooperation, the customer expected our team mainly to cover their missing capacities. We are pleased that we are able to cover the customer’s needs from a technological and professional standpoint but also bring new ideas and solutions that help move the product toward higher reliability and safety.

We also appreciate the positive responses to communication and cooperation with us from other teams, either directly from RPC or the foreign banks that belong to the RBI group.

The most significant proof of the customer’s trust in us was that we could participate in the creation of encryption of sensitive data that is being sent between systems.


The services we started our cooperation on are already deployed in production and fully in use by bank clients. Hundreds of transactions run through them each hour.

But our cooperation continues, and we are already working on solutions to the new innovative challenges that keep on coming.

Are you interested in this type of collaboration? Please contact me for details.

Peter Agustinič

CEO at DGT factory